Company Mitar d.o.o. is the only general distributor of BUSCH vacuum pumps for the Republic of Croatia and you can buy a BUSCH vacuum pump from us.


The definition of a vacuum would be that the space is completely free of all particles, that is, a space without any particles. Such a vacuum is in theory called an "absolute vacuum" or "complete vacuum" and in practice it is impossible to achieve.

In practice, a vacuum is any air pressure in an area below atmospheric.

The most used units of measurement are [Pa] and [bar], and the vacuum pump already has values ​​made as [mbar].

The vacuum can be expressed as an absolute value, ie as a positive value in the range of 1 bar to 0, where zero would be an absolute vacuum, or as a relative value with a negative sign in the range of 0 to -1 bar, where 0 would be the reference point a -1 bar absolute vacuum.

The vacuum is usually divided into 4 levels

  • Low (rough) vacuum = 1000 - 1 [mbar]
  • Medium vacuum = 1 - 10 -3 [mbar]
  • High vacuum = 10 -3 - 10 -7 [mbar]
  • Ultra-high vacuum = 10 -7 - 10 -14 [mbar]

Vacuum is also often expressed in percentages [%].

A 0% vacuum would mean that the pressure in a space (tank) equals atmospheric pressure, and a 100% vacuum would mean that we have achieved an "absolute vacuum" in the tank.


In order to correctly select a vacuum pump, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the vacuum process itself in order to find out as accurately as possible the data required to select a vacuum pump, namely the final vacuum to be achieved by the pump, the flow that defines the speed of reaching the final vacuum and the conditions in which the pump will operate . Under operating conditions we mean the type of gas that the pump will draw, its temperature, whether the gas is condensable, and the surrounding temperature and space in which the pump will operate.

These are all very important data that need to be determined as accurately as possible to choose the right type and size of vacuum pump that will meet your production needs.

Employees of Mitar d.o.o. are always available to assist you with your advice and experience in choosing a vacuum pump, and BUSCH has a wide range of products in its range that can meet all your production needs.


Regular maintenance and servicing of vacuum pumps is a key thing that affects the lifespan of a vacuum pump. In order for the vacuum pump to have a longer service life, it must be serviced regularly.

The vacuum pump service interval varies for each type of vacuum pump and is clearly prescribed for each vacuum pump, and depends on the operating conditions and the process in which the vacuum pump operates.

The service interval is also directly affected by the use of genuine spare parts.

Regular maintenance and use of genuine spare parts will extend the life of the vacuum pump and ultimately reduce the cost of vacuum pump service, while at the same time having a vacuum pump that will operate reliably and deliver excellent performance.

Lamellar oil vacuum pumps "R5" and "Hukepack"

Lamellar oil vacuum pumps are the most widely used vacuum pumps and are most commonly encountered in the industry.

In the case of lamellar oil vacuum pumps, it is necessary to regularly check the level and color of the oil in the vacuum pump, clean the filters at the suction of the vacuum pump, clean the "gas ballast" valve, check the temperature of the pump.

After 1000 - 2000 working hours, it is necessary to replace the oil, oil filters and separators, which we call small service, and this service can be done on-site in production.

Using original oils will extend the service intervals and reduce costs, as quality oil helps maintain the pump operating temperature and improves lubrication of the fins and reduces their wear, thus reducing the energy consumption of the vacuum pump.

After 15,000 working hours it is necessary to bring the vacuum pump to a qualified Busch workshop for a large vacuum pump service.

Dry lamellar vacuum pump "Seco"

Dry lamellar vacuum pumps have blades made of special graphite material that is self-lubricating and thus protects the blades from premature wear and enables long-term operation of the vacuum pump.

With such vacuum pumps, it is necessary to regularly clean and if necessary change the filters on the intake and to monitor the wear of the slats by measuring.

After the blades are used below the minimum dimension defined in the pump instructions, they must be replaced.

Vacuum pump with Dolphin water ring

Water ring vacuum pumps use water to operate the pump. The most common cause of failure at these pumps lies in poor quality water, which is usually full of limescale and builds up on impellers and gaskets, causing the gasket to break and leak.

When this happens, you must bring it to a qualified Busch workshop for a large vacuum pump service.

After 15,000 working hours it is necessary to bring the vacuum pump to a qualified Busch workshop for a large vacuum pump service.

Claw dry vacuum pumps "Mink" and "Merlin"

Maintenance of such pumps is minimal. With such pumps it is very important to clean the air filters on the suction of the vacuum pump and regularly change the filter cartridges and after a while replace the oil in the gearbox housings.

After 20000 operating hours, it is necessary to bring the vacuum pump to a qualified Busch workshop for a large vacuum pump service.

Cobra dry screw vacuum pump

In order to maintain such pumps, it is necessary to regularly monitor the pump operating temperature and cool the pump, change the inlet filter cartridges and replace the oil in the drive gear housings after a period of time.

Nakon odrađenih 20000 radnih sati potrebno je vakuum pumpu dovesti u ovlaštenu „Busch“ radionu na veliki servis vakuum pumpe.

Mitar d.o.o. fully adapts to the requirements of your production, and with the agreement with you we prepare a vacuum pump service to reduce downtime.

Mitar d.o.o. offers servicing of other vacuum pump manufacturers - Edwards, Stokes, Pfeiffer, Becker, Rietschle, Gardner Denver, Leybold, Alcatel, PVR, DVP, IKS, Robuschi, Sihi, Travaini.


Mitar d.o.o. When servicing the vacuum pump, it uses only original spare parts, as they are the only guarantee of successful servicing and maintenance of the vacuum pumps, and ultimately, with the use of the original parts, the vacuum pump achieves the best performance and achieves a long life.

Regular servicing and use of genuine spare parts will ultimately reduce your maintenance costs and extend the life of your vacuum pump.


Company Mitar d.o.o. In addition to servicing vacuum pumps, it also offers servicing of all types of water pumps, hydraulic pumps (gears, piston-axial and radial, lamellar), diaphragm pumps and "tribal" pumps (Gardner Denver, Inoxpa).

We also service valves (pneumatically or electro-actuated valves).


We provide services of turning, milling, grinding and grinding (circular and plan) according to drawings, or according to the pattern.

Ako imate strojni komad koji je potrebno izraditi, možete nam poslati svoj nacrt prema kojem ćemo Vam izraditi novi komad, ili nam možete donijeti strojni komad pa ćemo mi izvršiti snimanje komada, izradu dokumentacije, odabir materijala i tehnologije izrade komada.

We carry out processing of all types of materials (SL, steel, stainless steels, tool steels, plastics, aluminum, bronze, brass), and with our many years of experience and knowledge of materials, heat treatment (tempering, cementing, refinement, nitriding) and protection of materials we are sure that we will produce the same quality product as the original, and we can make it of a higher quality so that it is longer lasting than the original.

You can also bring us the entire machine assembly that we will disassemble, detect problems and required work to bring the machine part to working condition.

With our experience and knowledge, we are confident that we will make you a quality product.