Mitar company

The company "MITAR" d.o.o. operates from 09.04.1993 in the ownership of Darko and Danica Mitar. We perform machining, provide a complete service and maintenance of mechanical engineering systems and overhaul of machinery and equipment in the bakery, food processing, wood industry and other industries. We represent "Busch" Vacuum Pump for the Republic of Croatia and we sell vacuum pumps, spare parts and support their service.

Also we service and repair power and high-pressure pumps (Elektrokovina, Jastrebac, APV pumps), repair and service of vacuum pumps manufacturers BECKER RIETSCHLE. MITAR, d.o.o. production and trade, Velika Gorica, Nikole Mikeka Šipušića 8 The Company has entered into the Court Registry Court in Zagreb under MBS number: 080,515,327th Account maintained by the Raiffeisen bank in Velika Gorica, No. 1,102,914,234th Capital amounts 1,945,000,00 kn and it is paid in full. Danica Mitar, Administration.

Environment Protection

MITAR d.o.o. holds a certificate of environmental management which means to act responsibly towards the environment, and is implemented using the principles of sustainable development and cleaner production. So set the protection of the environment implies a comprehensive solution for our company, and includes waste management and prevention of permanent negative impact on the environment, both the production and product and service companies. The company operates with a controlled environment certifiicranim by DNV ISO 14001:2015.

Quality Management

Strategic and permanent goal of MITAR d.o.o. is a continuous improvement of business processes and product quality. The company operates a quality system certified by DNV HRN EN ISO 9001\: 2015